INTEL D845GERG2 QFE Update driver scaricamento gratis (ver. QFE#269601)

In questa pagina, puoi sempre scaricare gratuitamente INTEL D845GERG2 QFE Update driver per Schede madre.

QFE Update (ver. QFE#269601) LZX rilasciato 2002.09.23.

File scaricato 35 volte ed stato visto 14755 volte.

Categoria Schede madre
Marchio INTEL
Dispositivo D845GERG2
Sistema operativo Windows 98 SE
Versione QFE#269601
File dimensione 373 Kb
File tipo LZX
Rilasciato 2002.09.23
Trova & Scarica

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QFE is a Microsoft term for the delivery of individual service updates to certain products.­ Occasionally,­ these QFEs may be collected into a service pack,­ which is more convenient to download and install than individual QFEs.­

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